51 interesting facts about the human mind

TOP 51 Amazing Interesting Facts About Human Brain and Anotomy.

 HUMAN BRAIN IN ENGLISH (51 Amazing Facts And Information)

Human brain in Hindi: The brain is the center of the human nervous system that controls our thoughts, memory and decisions. It is the most important part of our body, it plays an important role in the functioning of all the functions of our body.

The brain is protected by the bony structure of the skull (skull), which is called the 'skull' (skull). The brain is surrounded by three layers, called meninges. It protects the mind.

 Cerebrospinal fluid fills the spaces between the brain, which protects the brain from mechanical tremors.

 The corpus callosum, cerebral cortex, thalamus, cerebellum, hypothalamus, hippocampus and other important parts of the brain stem.

Understanding the complexity of the brain is not so easy. Scientists also believe that the brain is the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe.

They are constantly researching it and bringing new information about it. In this article today, we are going to share with you 51 interesting things related to the brain. Read 65 Amazing Human Brain Facts In english:

TOP 51 Amazing Interesting Facts About Human Brain and Anotomy.

1. The human brain weighs 3 pounds.

2. The human brain is made up of 83% water. 2% lack of water in the body (dehydration or dehydration) affects attention, memory and other cognitive skills

3. Brain weight is 2% of total body weight, but it consumes 20% of total energy and oxygen.

4. 60% fat in the dry weight of the brain. Therefore, the brain is the most fatty organ in the body.

5. 25% of body cholesterol is in the brain. Without enough cholesterol, brain cells are destroyed.

6. 60% of the dry weight of the brain is fat. Therefore, the brain is the most fatty organ in the body.

7. The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen. Failure of oxygen for 5 minutes can cause some brain cells to die and severe brain damage.

8. The surface area of ​​the brain is 1500 to 3000 square centimeters.

9. 90 minutes of sweat causes the brain to contract temporarily at the age of 1 year while the brain is shrinking.

10. The human brain contains approximately 4 billion brain cells.

11. Part of brain tissue contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses that communicate with each other.

12. Neurons receive information from different parts of the body and transmit it to the brain. Not all neurons are the same. Some neurons transmit information to the brain at a speed of 0.5 m / s, while at a speed of 120 m / s.

13. The brain communicates at a speed of 24 mph. It runs faster than Formula 1 race cars, at 280 mph.

14. The brain produces about 12 to 25 watts of energy. This is sufficient to install a low wattage LED light.

15. The brain of a living person is so soft that it can be easily cut with a knife.

16. The human brain increases in size 3 times in the first year of life. It continues to grow until the age of about 14 years.

17. The large head size of infants is due to the rapidly growing brain. The brain of 2-year-old children is 70% of the adult brain size.

18. After reaching middle age, the human brain shrinks. It decreases with age.

19. The brain has 1 lakh chemical reactions in 1 second.

20. When we laugh, 5 parts of the brain work together during that time.

21. According to an article published in Psychology Today, if all the blood vessels in the brain were blocked, they would travel halfway to the moon 120,000 miles away.

22. 750 to 1000 ml of blood flows per minute from the brain. It is enough to fill a bottle of wine or a bottle of soda.

23. The brain produces an average of 50,000 thoughts per day. It is estimated that 40% of these are negative.

24. The brain takes less than 13 milliseconds to process the images our eyes see. This time is less than the time to blink the eyelid.

25. Generally, the brain size of men is 10% larger than the brain size of women. However, the hippocampus (the part of the brain associated with memory) is usually larger in women.

26. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is considered the "memory center". Cab drivers in London have a very large hippocampus. This is due to the mental exercise done while navigating the 25,000 streets of London.

27. We do not remember the few years of birth. This is because the memory center 'hippocampus' of the brain was not fully developed at that time. As the hippocampus becomes fully developed, the brain begins to preserve memories.

28. Albert Einstein's brain weight is 2.61 pounds (1,230 grams), 10% less than the average brain weight of 3 pounds (1,700 grams). However, the neuron density of his brain was higher than average.

29. Heavy-minded Russian writer Ivan Turgenev weighing 2.5 kg.

30. The Neanderthal brain is 10% larger than the Homo sapiens brain.

                       TOP FACTS ABOUT HUMAN BRAIN
TOP 51 Amazing Interesting Facts About Human Brain and Anotomy.

31. The human brain is the largest of all living things in terms of body weight ratio. But the biggest brain is not a human, but a 16 pound sperm whale.

32. The size of the human brain has become much smaller over the last 10,000 to 20,000 years. The reduction in brain size is equal to the size of a tennis ball.

33. The brain has no pain receptors and it does not experience any pain. Headache seems to start in the brain, but is actually caused by sensations around the skin, joints, sinuses, blood vessels or muscles.

34. Brain freeze feels like a pain in the brain. But it is a pain that arises from the upper part of the mouth. Fortunately, brain clotting does not freeze brain cells, because in such a situation the brain cells break down and turn into webs.

35. It is a myth that man uses only 10% of his brain. Of course we make full use of it. We use more than 10% of our brain even when we are asleep.

36. The subconscious mind of man is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. Man makes 90% of his decisions with his subconscious mind.

37. Unfortunately, people between the ages of 14 and 36 tend to forget more than children. What is today? They are more likely to forget these kinds of things where I put the key.

38. Brain diseases include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. These diseases can limit the normal functioning of the human brain.

39. If there is a lack of blood in the brain for 8 to 10 seconds, we lose consciousness. 5-10 If there is a lack of oxygen in the brain, permanent brain damage can occur.

40. Eyewitnesses of criminal suspects are usually 50% correct because it is difficult for the brain to remember the details of a stranger. Traumatic events also affect the brain's ability to remember details.

                          TOP FACTS OF HUMAN BRAIN
TOP 51 Amazing Interesting Facts About Human Brain and Anotomy.

41. According to a research conducted at the University of Cambridge, the alphabetical order of a word does not make much sense to the brain. As long as the first and last letters are in the right place, the brain can rearrange the letters to make it faster than you can read the words.

42. The concentration capacity of the human brain is decreasing. Over the past 15 years, the concentration capacity has decreased by about 7 seconds. We can not focus on anything for more than 6 seconds on average.

43. Over 180 proteins in the brain are adversely affected by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. This type of frequency frequency is emitted by cell phones and other electronic devices.

44. The reason children sleep more is because their brain uses 50% of the glucose produced by the body.

45. The first mention of the brain comes from the Sumer civilization 4000 years ago.

46. ​​Half of the human genes give information about brain structure and half about other parts of the body.

47. According to research from the University of East London, drinking 1 glass of water makes the brain work 18% faster. According to researchers, as long as the thirst is calm, the brain seems to be concentrated. When the thirst is calm, its working speed increases.

 48. Not all humans have the same brain. The wrinkles that appear in every man’s mind are different. Due to the shape of these wrinkles, the brain can process them properly. These wrinkles are called 'salsi'. Whenever we learn something new, new wrinkles develop in the brain. These wrinkles are the true level of IQ.

49. If a part of the amygdala (cerebral block) is removed from the brain, man's fear will end forever.

50. The brain contains the midbrain dopamine system (MDS), which transmits signals related to events to the brain. The more a person develops this system in his brain, the more accurately he can reverse it.

51. The reason you fall asleep is the formation of a chemical called adenosine in the brain. This process continues throughout the day as we move towards the night. Getting good sleep lowers adenosine levels and you will feel refreshed after waking up.


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