Stress is all what you do

what's that painful stress!! and how can you fix it!

[In this period of lock-down your friend,your guide is here]
today we will talk about what's that painful stress,how can it create,what are the harmful effects!! let' talk about that...

       As we all know that the year 2020,is an year with full of frustrated and dangerous situations are coming from all the sides.As there the daily increase in no. of corona virus patients and today until there are up-to 3.5 lac cases.The effect of this corona virus will not be reduced but we should be aware that of continous
washing of hands,wearing mask while going outside and be aware that this corona virus is guest of our home we all have to compete with him! 

what's that painful stress!!
what's that painful stress!!

     In this lock-down period all the educational institutes/school/
colleges starts their online education from 15/06/2020.In this such type of [now educational meets online] such a situation is became such a way there are upcoming problems of the small kids/students due to continiously watching the mobile,tablets.t.v,etc.Some of cases were like there eyes are paining,headache and furthur mental problems.This can also cause the harmful stress to your child.

    More the students watch mobile for hours and hours this can led your child in stressful moment.In this type of situation remember that the our life is so pricious for this be 'mentally healthy first and then physically'.

    In such a condition of stress the care of child should be taken,you should do good things for him/her that he should overcome out of the stress.The high amount of stress also can led your child to finishing himself in this type of cases.

This is an very undefined condition when the stress overcame in mind.No one can tell the person with painful stress what can do!

#some of the important clues that can help you for being mentally healthy.
*change your thought,and you change your destiny.

* all thoughts are the cause, and every circumstance is the result.





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  1. hey friends!!! here's the tip regarding what can we do in situation of the stress.friends be safe at your home.


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plz comment our blog and give us feed back and also give your raised questions to us.And you can contact us.

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