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There are many things in our daily lives that we know the consequences of. But still we ignore them. Remember that ignoring these mistakes right now will bother you further. It is said that even a small hole can sink a ship. So if you don't change some habits in time, you are likely to suffer in old age. Let's take a look at the mistakes we make in our daily lives and the health facts we need to be careful about.


Learn this important information related to health Interesting Health Facts In Marathi

1 - Avoid drinking water vertically


health psychology

No doctor in the world can cure the knee pain of those who drink standing water. That is why it is always said that you should always sit and drink water.

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2 - Do not sleep under a fast fan or AC


Did you know that weight gain is faster than fast fan or sleeping near AC? Therefore, you should try to adapt as much as possible to the natural environment and the seasons.


3 - Avoid taking painkillers frequently


When one of your organs is in pain, 70% of the pain is caused if you take a painkiller with a glass of hot water. But it is not advisable to take painkillers on small and big pains every time. So avoid painkillers as much as possible, as this can lead to problems going forward.

4 - Drink coconut water only in the morning


If you drink syrup and coconut water before 11 am, it is nectar, but if you drink it after that, it is harmful. Drinking coconut water in the morning is better for the body.

5 - Avoid using aluminum utensils for meals


The use of aluminum pots should be kept to a minimum as these pots were started by the British to make patriotic Indian prisoners sick. If you take a closer look at this pot, you will see that the color of this pot has changed a bit after you have eaten. Because aluminum reacts to food. Especially acidic foods such as tomatoes. This can have a detrimental effect on your health.

6 - Always eat food properly

You have often heard that you should always bite each grass 32 times while eating. But this makes us laugh. In fact, it really affects our health. According to Ayurveda, you should bite and eat as many times as you have teeth in your mouth.

7 - Use Indian toilets


If you defecate while sitting on an English style toilet seat, the stomach is not completely cleansed and the dirt in the stomach remains. This can lead to constipation as well as decreased metabolism and other ailments. Therefore, if you use an Indian style toilet, it is better for your health.

8 - Go to bed at night


We always wake up late at night and say we don’t get enough sleep the next morning. If you don't have any important work to do, avoid staying up late. Watching TV late at night means not getting enough sleep at night. This lack of sleep is just as dangerous as smoking.

9 - Must have breakfast


In today's fast paced life people always avoid breakfast. But remember, when you skip breakfast, you feel lethargic all day long. At the same time, your weight gain, anemia, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, hair loss, gastric, diabetes, etc. can be the cause of problems.

10 - Do not stop sneezing


When sneezing occurs, we often try to stop it. But you know, it can be dangerous for you. Stopping sneezing can cause many problems. Not only that, but your body's arteries can rupture. So if you ever sneeze, don't try to stop it.

If you follow these habits, you can avoid future risks to your health.

 health psychology

health psychology

The structure of the human body is extremely complex. Scientists are still studying various aspects of the body.

 There are some wonderful powers in your body that you may not be aware of. E.g. Monday is the most dangerous day of your life, you may not know many things that can digest even the hydrochloric acid in your stomach blade. 

Today we are going to tell you some interesting things about the hope of human body ...


If all the veins and cells in our body were connected, its length would be about 97,000 kilometers. This means that all the nerves in a human body can be wrapped around the earth two and a half times.


The human heart beats 1 lakh times a day and the pressure of the heart pumping is so high that the blood can go up to 30 meters high. We have the highest risk of heart attack on Mondays and the lowest on Saturdays.

The brain

According to research by scientists at the University of Texas, the human brain can store 1 petabyte of memory.

 Each cell in the brain has a storage capacity of 4.7 bytes. Our brain grows 95 percent by the age of five and 100 percent by the age of 18. Man's IQ only increases till the age of 18, after which it does not increase.


At birth, the human body has 270 bones, but by adulthood, some bones are matched, and a person's body has 206 bones. Human bones are four times harder than cement concrete. The strongest and longest bone in our body is the thigh. The human skull is made up of parietal,occipital,frontal,etcand many more.


Love is also caused by chemicals that are activated in the brain. Dopamine and serotonin increase in the brain of a person in love.


The largest cells in the human body are the female egg and the smallest male sperm. Every second, 1 crore red cells are formed and destroyed in our body.




After birth, every part of the body develops but remains as long as the iris in the eye because there is no blood flow in it. 

Normally all the organs grow till adulthood but the ears and nose grow till death but its speed is very slow. If you gain half a kilo of weight, you will gain 11 kilometers of venison.

The senses are more than five

Everyone should know that man has five senses. Ears, nose, eyes, touch and taste. Some people even consider six senses but scientists claim to have 9 senses.

  health psychology,health psychology

Spinal cord

Not only does it support the body but the signals that reach our brain go through this spinal cord. Sometimes in quick decisions the spine decides on its own, e.g. If a thorn breaks in your leg, the brain immediately realizes all the actions we take on the foot, but the spinal cord already performs the action.



There are about 3 crore bacteria in an inch of your skin, so think about how many there are in the whole body, but there is nothing to be afraid of because many of these bacteria are beneficial.


Your eyes can recognize about 1 million colors on this creation. Normally the camera is 2 to 42 megapixels but the iris is 576 pixels.


The human nose can detect up to 50,000 odors, and the air conditioner works for the lungs.

health psychology


Leaving the heart for a second after you learn, the whole body stops working. Sneezing closes the eyes and expels air through the nose and mouth at a rate of 120 per hour.


Hair length usually increases from 0.03 to 0.05 mm per day. There are about 1 lakh hairs on one head and about 100 fall out in a day and there are other hairs. Beard hair grows the fastest. If a man has not shaved in a lifetime, it can grow up to 30 feet long.




An adult has about five and a half liters of blood in his body and blood flows through the veins at a speed of 400 kilometers per kilometer and covers a distance of 9500 kilometers in a day.




Charles Osborne, a native of the United States, was elevated in 1922 and continued to do so until 1990, when he was 68 years old. Charles lived to be 96 years old. Men are taller than women.


"Health is the real wealth." But nowadays, a healthy life has become rare for a person who is chasing after a comfortable lifestyle and earning money. As the saying goes in Hindi, 'Shir salamat to pagadi pachas', only if the body is healthy can we enjoy all the good things in life. There is a lot of wealth and success, but if the body is bad, this success and wealth is of no use.

 If there is one thing that is important and invaluable in life, it is the human body. But since man got the human body from nature for free, he does not feel the importance of that body. 

When an organ of the body deteriorates or health deteriorates, no matter how much money is spent, it becomes difficult to recover it as it is. It is always better to try on time than to come to wisdom when it is late. 

To stay healthy, the human body needs regular exercise, a balanced diet and positive thinking.

Nowadays, everyone seems to be becoming aware of fitness and beauty. 

However, due to the hectic lifestyle, it is not possible to have enough time for exercise and a balanced diet despite being aware of fitness. Besides, everyone wants to look beautiful for the rest of their lives. A healthy lifestyle is also very important to look young forever. 

That's why you can stay healthy by making certain lifestyle changes and doing some regular things. That's why we're sharing healthy health tips with you.

If you want to stay healthy then follow these health tips (Health Tips In english)

To take care of fitness, you need to make some specific lifestyle changes. You can keep your life healthy by following some tips.

Wake Up Early In The Morning

It is said that he should get up early and get well soon. That is why it is important to get up early to stay healthy.

 But today's lifestyle is not the same as before so many people sleep late at night. Sleeping late at night makes it difficult to get up early in the morning. 

Try to go to bed early at night if possible. So that you can wake-up early in the morning as possible.

 However, we are so accustomed to sleeping late at night that even if we try, we do not fall asleep early at night.

 Not at all in the morning but to get up at least before six or seven in the morning you have to sleep at least from half past ten to eleven at night. For this, stop watching TV and mobile till late at night. 

Try turning off the gadgets half an hour before bed. Avoid working on a laptop or reading a book late. Because it does not send a message to your brain. 

Turn on the dim lights in the bedroom or listen to slow music to help you fall asleep faster. Getting up early in the morning will encourage you to exercise and feel fresh throughout the day.

 health psychology

To stay fit, you need to get into the habit of exercising regularly. Because exercise keeps the body healthy and fresh. No matter how busy a day is, it is not at all difficult to spend at least fifteen to twenty minutes on your own for a healthy life. Love this morning



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