How psychology affects human behavior????

psychology which depends on the human behaviour and how it affect let's see that

how psychology affects human behavior?
how psychology affects human behavior?

The way an individual speaks to the situation in a group alone or alone is influenced by many factors. Major factors influencing an individual's attitude towards personal and social life -
3.Caste and culture
4.The body
Let’s take a quick look at these key points that describe a person’s behavior inside and outside the organization.
Utilities are traits that a person learns from the environment around him and also exhibits those traits from birth. These features are broadly classified -
Intellectual abilities
Physical abilities
Ability to self-awareness

2. Intellectual ability - It determines a person's intelligence, verbal and analytical reasoning ability, memory and verbal comprehension.
Physical Fitness - It promotes a person's motor skills along with physical strength, stamina and body coordination.
Self-awareness ability - This refers to how a person feels about work, while the manager's understanding of his or her abilities determines the task a person should be assigned. Required.

Therefore, the mental, physical, and self-confidence characteristics of an individual ownership define a person's behavior in social and personal life. Eg: While Ram has a high IQ level, Rahul is a bike lifter and a strong man.
Research proves that both men and women are equal in terms of job performance and mental abilities; However, society still emphasizes the difference between the two sexes.

 Absence in an organization is an area where differences are visible because women are considered primary caregivers for children. One factor influencing work assignment and evaluation in an organization is the manager’s perception and personal values.

For example - an organization promotes both genders to work effectively for the goals of the organization and specific promotions or demotions are not granted or tolerated for any particular gender.

Caste and culture

Race is a group of people who share the same physical characteristics. It is used to define the type of people according to perceived characteristics. For example - Indian, African.

 Culture, on the other hand, can be defined as the characteristics, ideas, customs and traditions that an individual or group follows. For example - celebrating the festival.

Race and culture have always had a significant impact not only in the workplace but also in society.

 Common mistakes due to behavior and stereotypes according to a person’s race and culture primarily affect a person’s behavior.

In today’s diverse work culture, employees along with management need to learn and accept different cultures, values ​​and common protocols to create a more comfortable corporate culture.

For example − A company invites candidates to a job position and hires someone based on eligibility criteria rather than on the basis of the country that an individual belongs to or follows customs.
Perception is the intellectual process of converting sensory stimuli into meaningful information. It is the process of understanding what we see or hear in our mind and then using it to determine and make a decision about a situation, person, group, etc.

It can be divided into six types -
Sound - The ability to receive sound by detecting vibration.
Speech Ability to understand and comprehend speech sounds.
Detection of an object by its surface pattern by touch.
Taste - The ability to detect the taste of ingredients by tasting through the sense organs called taste buds.
Other Senses - Other senses include balance, acceleration, pain, timing, sensation in the throat and lungs, etc.
World Social World - This allows people to understand other people and groups in their social world.
For example - Priya goes to a restaurant‌ and likes their customer service, so she thinks it's a good place to recommend and recommend to her friends that she may or may not like. However, Priya's understanding of the restaurant is good.

The body

Behavior Observes behavior after determining its cause based on behavior or person.
The feature framework uses the following three criteria -
Consensus - How well people respond in the same situation.

Distinctiveness - A person's behavior may be related to circumstances or personality.

Consistency - A measure of the frequency of observed behavior, i.e., how often this behavior occurs.



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