What Is Motivation?

Motivation is the desire to do something with your personal life, work, school, sports or hobby. Being motivated to do anything can be whatever your big goals and dreams are.

201+ inspirational success quotes

Knowing how to motivate yourself can help you achieve anything that determines your mind, so take it to the next.

How to motivate yourself: 3 simple tricks

1. Create a positive atmosphere

Music is as powerful an inspiration as an inspirational quote. When you wake up every morning, play some pump-up songs before you start your day before departure. You can listen to playlists with inspirational songs on Spotify, so you can go. By bringing your mind into the right mindset, you get closer to motivating yourself. When I want to get into the zone, I listen to "Time" by Hans Zimmer, which has no lyrics, but has the intensity to help your vision. If I find myself being rude, I love exciting songs like "You're a Superstar" written by Love Inc.

2. Celebrate your little success

When you think about your big goal, sometimes you start getting high impact. Why? Because big goals have not yet been achieved. Instead, you should create small goals to motivate yourself. Celebrating your small accomplishments can help you be inspired by your journey. Also, celebrations are always super fun. You break down your goal with 10 small-sized goals and track yourself to achieve them. You can add a small celebration for every 10 goals. A dessert with a glass of champagne on one or a sparkler on top of another. Don’t forget to check out some of our exciting quotes about success in the next section.

3. Surround yourself with motivated people

This positive atmosphere goes to the point: you have to be with others who are just as ambitious as you. American founder John Rohan once said, "The average of the five you spend most of your time with." Whether this is true or not is a matter of debate, and reality revolves around the right kind of people who can help you grow. If you are surrounded by people who love your ambition, you will be more ambitious and more accomplished. If you are surrounded by loved ones who tell you that your goals are stupid and ask you to change them, you should avoid them. Surround yourself with people who can help you stay ambitious, you can be a successful person yourself.

201+ inspirational success quotes

here's the small story you should read this:-

Outside the box (creative thinking)

In a small Italian town, hundreds of years ago, a small business owner had a large sum of money for debt-sharks. Lone-Shark is a very old, ugly-looking boy who likes the daughter of a business owner.


He decided to offer the businessman a contract that would completely eliminate the debt owed. However, we will only write off the debt if he can marry the businessman's daughter.


Needless to say, the proposal was viewed with hatred.


The lone-shark said it would put two pebbles in a bag, one white and one black.


Then the daughter should reach into the bag and pick up a pebble. If it was black, the debt would be over, but then the borrower married her. If it were white, the debt would also be erased, but the daughter would not have to marry the loan-shark.

The merchant stood on a pebble-stone walkway in the garden, and the lone-shark bent down and picked up two pebbles.


As he was picking them up, Betty noticed that he had taken two black pebbles and put them in a bag.


He then reached for the daughter in the bag and asked her to dig one out.


The daughter naturally has three options for what she can do:


Refuse to take a pebble out of the bag.

Remove the two pebbles from the bag and deceive the debt sharks.

She was completely out of the bag to find out that he was black and that his father had sacrificed himself for freedom.

He took a pebble out of the bag, and 'accidentally' dropped it in the middle of the other pebble before looking at it. He told Lone-Shark;


"Oh, how clumsy I am." Never mind, if you look at that leftover bag, you can tell which pebble I took. "


The moral of the story:

It is always possible to overcome a difficult situation in the idea of ​​the whole box, and do not give them the options that you think you should choose.

Raitesh Chavan


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