Plasma therapy is in the news these days and now it seems to be an effective way to treat the prevalent infection.

Research on plasma therapy is currently underway to determine if coronavirus treatment is possible.

For this reason, people have a lot of questions about this treatment, such as what is plasma therapy, how and when is it used.

However, they are doing their best to find out the answers to these questions, but despite this they are not getting satisfaction.

If you also want to know more about this treatment, you must read this article because it is going to give you complete information about plasma therapy.

Plasma therapy is called plasmapheresis in the language of medical science.

Plasma therapy refers to a procedure in which blood fluid or plasma is separated from blood cells.

Subsequently, if unhealthy tissue is found in a person's plasma, timely treatment is initiated.

However, plasmapheresis is a product of modern medical science that has changed the lives of many people.
However, it is a relief to know that this is being done for certain purposes rather than under normal circumstances.

Therefore plasma treatment is mainly done for these 5 purposes-

Infection Detection- Plasma therapy is mainly done to detect the infection.
Since many diseases are caused by infection, plasma therapy proves to be a very effective way to treat such diseases.

The donor component is not working properly - at the present time, a lot of conversions take place, but sometimes they fail. Transplant recipients receive plasma when the donor component is not functioning properly. Treatment helps.
Sports Injury- Sometimes, placemapheresis is used to treat a sports injury.
Therefore, this treatment is also done to cure sports injury.

Mastinia gravis treatment - When a person suffers from mastinia gravis, doctors take the help of plasma therapy to treat it.
Mastenia grovis refers to a mental illness in which people's muscles are weakened.

Gullian Berry Syndrome Treatment- Often, plasma therapy is used to treat Gullian berry syndrome.
Gullian Berry Syndrome is a disease that affects the immune system, affecting the health of the population and greatly increasing the risk of illness.

How is plasma treated? (Plasma therapy approach)
Plasma therapy is a one-day procedure that takes 1-3 hours. It is done very carefully so that the people who make it do not experience any pain or discomfort.

What Is Plasma Therapy? Complete Information

Here are some important steps:

Step 1: Injecting the needle- Plasma treatment begins with the needle, which is placed in the hands of the people.

Step 2: Blood Extract - Blood is drawn after injection, using a centrifuge machine.

Step 3: Preparation or preparation of plasma- After the person given plasma therapy has taken blood from his body, the doctor prepares or prepares plasma.

Step 4: As soon as the injection-plasma is produced, it is injected into the body of the people.

Step 5: Cleaning the injected area - This process ends after the plasma is injected into the body of the people.

Next, the injection site will be bandaged after cleaning.
What are the benefits of plasma treatment? (Benefits of Plasma Treatment)
Plasma therapy has been used for many years and it benefits many people.

Apart from this, doctors also give plasma therapy because it has many benefits, the main 5 of which are as follows-

Boosting Immunity - The biggest benefit of plasma treatment is boosting immunity.
People with good or strong immunity are less likely to get sick.

Treatment of other ailments- This treatment is also effective in resolving problems like face, hair, face etc. Therefore, plasma treatment can also correct these problems.
Time saving- On the one hand, some surgeries are very time consuming and on the other hand plasma treatment is very short (3-5%).
For this reason, people do not waste time receiving this treatment.

Do not feel pain- Another advantage of plasma therapy is not feeling pain.
When this treatment is done, the people who do it do not feel any pain.

Early results or appear- There are many instances of this treatment in which the people who do it find relief.
Therefore, another benefit of plasma treatment is early onset or visualization.

What Is Plasma Therapy? Complete Information

Although plasma or plasmapheresis treatment is considered to be the most effective method, plasma therapy, like other medical procedures, still has some risks that everyone should be aware of.

Therefore, if one does this treatment, one may face risks-

Infection - The problem may persist after plasma therapy to detect the infection.
Therefore, the main risk of this treatment is infection.

Vein Dysfunction - Sometimes plasma treatment affects the vein, causing the vein to not work.

Epilepsy- Often, some people who have been treated for this condition complain of epilepsy or weakness.
Therefore, plasma therapy makes people feel vulnerable.

Blood clots- Plasma therapy also increases the chance of blood clots.
Although treatment for blood clots is possible, it can become a serious problem when left untreated.

Blur- This treatment also affects other parts of the human body such as the eyes.
For this reason, plasma treatment may cause blurred vision.

What to remember after plasma therapy? (Contents after plasma therapy)
It is believed that the time after any surgery or operation is very delicate, in which full care should be taken.
This also applies to plasma therapy because risk after risk increases significantly.

Thus, if a person has recently undergone this treatment, Hoshold pays special attention to these 5 things so that he recovers quickly.

Drinking plenty of water - People may not have enough water in their body after plasma therapy.
For this, people taking this treatment should drink plenty of water to prevent this problem.

Do not use a piece of ice on the treated area - as you may experience pain in the treated area.
For this reason, people receiving this treatment should not use a piece of ice at the treatment site to prevent this pain from escalating.

Do not consume drugs - People should pay special attention to their diet and health after plasma therapy.

Therefore, they should not consume drugs as they can ruin their health.

Taking painkillers - As with other medical procedures, people may still have pain after plasma therapy.
Therefore, people who take it should take painkillers to reduce the pain.

Liaising with a physician- People undergoing plasma therapy should take special care to stay in touch with the physician.
They should visit the doctor periodically to find out about their health.

In fact, many new diseases appear around the world, causing many to die.
A similar situation is emerging from the spread of coronavirus in this era where big countries like America, China, Italy have come.

These countries are included in India, but it is reassuring that the death toll in India is slightly lower.

The world hopes to overcome the coronavirus with plasma therapy in India, the results of which are all awaited.

In addition, people hear a lot about plasma therapy, which needs to be eliminated and try to give them proper information about this treatment.

What Is Plasma Therapy? Complete Information

Therefore, we hope that after reading this article you will get the necessary information about this treatment, which will help reduce the fear of coronavirus in your mind.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What to avoid after plasma therapy?
People undergoing plasma therapy should pay special attention to certain things. They should avoid hot baths, do not take medications, do not take medications.

Q2. What precautions should be taken after plasma therapy?
It is important to avoid what you need to know after J-Plasma therapy, but also to know what precautions to take after this treatment. Therefore, people undergoing this treatment should be careful not to expose themselves to sunlight, do not do heavy or strenuous exercise, and do not swim.

Q3. Can PRP Therapy Spread Cancer?
A- However, no such case of PRP cancer has been seen so far.
However, people should take all precautions to avoid potential accidents.

Q4. How effective is plasma treatment?
Different statements about J-plasma therapy appear.
While some studies have shown that some people may not benefit from this treatment, it is clear from some studies that this treatment is less risky.

Q5. What is the success rate of plasma treatment?
A- After 24 weeks of this therapy, 84 percent of people have noticed a 25 percent reduction in their pain.
Therefore, it is not wrong to say that plasma treatment is a successful process.

Q6. Can PR be increased after PRP?
People should rest for 1 week after taking J-PRP injection. Doing so proves to be harmful to anyone, so they should stay away from exercise for a while.

Q 7. How many sessions of plasma therapy is required for the face?
Answer- People should take 3-4 sessions of plasma therapy over a period of 4 weeks. After the first 4 sessions, those receiving treatment in the clinic are called by doctors for 6 months to 1 year so that the treatment is done properly.
In the midst of the corona crisis, there are ongoing attempts to seek treatment from a physician. Doctors are engaged in various hospitals in Delhi to treat patients with plasma therapy.

If the clinical trial of plasma therapy is successful, other patients with Kovid 19 disease can be treated with blood plasma from patients recovering from the corona.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the treatment of 19 patients with blood plasma therapy. ICMR has also invited various organizations to participate in this clinical trial.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of plasma therapy in the treatment of Kovid 19 disease. The center of this infection called corona has seen positive results in treatment with the help of plasma therapy in China. The plasma therapy technique in the treatment of Kovid-19 infection is believed to be the silver lining.

Four other people suffering from corona can be treated with blood taken from the body of a person with a corona cure. The Plasma Therapy System works on how patients recovering from an infection develop antibodies in their body that neutralize the virus infection.

Subsequently, the virus in the body of the new patient can be eliminated by these antibodies, by incorporating the blood of the old cured patient into the blood of the new patient suffering from that virus.
When a virus attacks a person, their body's immune system develops a protein called an antibody to fight the infection. If an infected person develops a sufficient amount of antibodies in the blood, then he can recover from the diseases caused by the virus.

The idea behind the treatment of shingles plasma is that such immunity can be transferred from a healthy person to the body of a sick person through blood plasma treatment.

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