Daily diet plan for healthy body for everyone.

the excellent diet plan for everone who rarely deserves the diet plan.

What is a planned diet?

The diet in our Indian culture is right. Vegetables, poli, rice, amti, pohe, upma are very nutritious. We leave our diet and look for alternatives to other foods. So the food culture is changing. We must take care of our own uniqueness. It is a pity that you do not understand the value of your square diet.

How to reduce excess fat?

If your eating habits are disciplined, fat will not increase. Increasing but also decreasing will help. Do not sit in one place for 30 minutes straight. Fat increases as you do not use enough of the body. Weight gain by half or a kilo every year. Understand that gaining weight means you are becoming lazy. So what is needed is the mantra `Move more and sit less`.

daily diet plan for healthy body for everyone

What fruits to eat?

Mangoes, bananas, custard apples, chickpeas and grapes should be part of the diet of every Indian. Bananas are now being confirmed around the world for being the best for health. After the mother's milk, the baby's diet also includes bananas.

What should be the diet for diabetes?

In fact, diabetics are advised to avoid certain foods. However, rice, bananas and ghee must be included in the diet. Don't go too far between two meals, do a lot of exercise and avoid watching TV even while sleeping.

Should sugar-free be used?

Avoid sugar free diets. Eat as much sugar as you need in your diet. Sugar used in home made sweets like laddu, halwa is good for health. Sugarcane and jaggery should not be replaced. Sugar or jaggery should be used as required. Jaggery helps to increase body heat.

How is weight gain and stress related?

Increasing stress leads to weight gain. If you start living life according to the formula of Forget, Forgive and Forward, the stress in life will be reduced.

How to eat cereals ..

We cook the cereal while boiling. So why eat raw cereals? It should be boiled, boiled and eaten.

Which oil to use in meals and how much?

Peanut butter is best for cooking. One hundred grams of peanut oil yields 25 to 30 percent. The rest is wasted. The traditional method of making oil is very pure. There is no need to change the oil in the diet. The oil found in bags or cans and the heart-shaped picture on the cans is not good for health. Use as much oil as you want. Pickles, fried papad, bhaji should be included in the diet. Excess oil will get into the stomach, so avoid eating it.

What happens if vitamin D is deficient in the diet?

The body does not get the fats it needs, so vitamin D is reduced. If left untreated, it can cause bone pain, hair loss, and blemishes on the skin. This level can go up until diabetes or cancer.

Nowadays, due to busy routine, it is not possible for many to exercise. Is there any other alternative to exercise?

In today's world we have a new car, but we drive it regularly. Goes out of town, but tells neighbors or relatives to keep driving. The same is true of exercise. There is no substitute for exercise, it must be done regularly. Many people give excuses that their body hurts and they do not exercise. But it doesn't really exercise, so the limb hurts. It only takes 150 minutes a week to exercise. The schedule of the week's exercise should be followed by proper planning. Exercise is often postponed to tomorrow, it is not planned properly, people do not realize its seriousness.

Eat in two hours, it is said. Is it right or wrong?

When you wake up in the morning and start with tea, the hunger of the day dies and the routine of the day deteriorates. Eat for two hours. If we get up in the morning and eat a banana, we can have a good breakfast later. In the morning, breakfast should be eaten as Dosa, Ghawan, Thalipeeth. After that we can have regular meals before the meal by taking drinks like Panham, Kokum Syrup. After that, one or the other fruit, in the evening between four and six in the evening, like breakfast, you do not feel very hungry at night. Then eat page or rice at night, so you can have a restful sleep.

Weight Loss tips with diet plan: 

You should do meaningful things to reduce body fat and reduce belly fat. The schedule should be kept as follows and it needs to be followed accordingly. For example: If you are exercising then what is the exercise that will help you lose fat faster. On the other hand, if you are going for a jog, it is important to know what you need to remember. This will give you more weight loss benefits.

In addition to all these things, you also need to pay close attention to your diet. Don't include high-calorie foods in your diet. Calories make you gain more weight. Make sure your food is nutritious and does not increase your body fat. It is important for you to follow this routine from breakfast to lunch and then to dinner.

daily diet plan for healthy body for everyone

Drink hot or lukewarm water

Water is a great way to balance weight and lose weight. This has been proven by some research. For this you should drink hot or lukewarm water every morning after waking up. If you mix lemon juice in this water, it is even more beneficial. Make it a part of your daily routine.

Green tea

Green tea is very beneficial for weight loss. Green tea helps to lose weight. This speeds up the metabolism and digests your food faster. You can take green tea in the morning and at night before going to bed. This will help you lose weight.


Greens are very beneficial for health. Be sure to include greens in your diet. This not only nourishes the body but also reduces the amount of excess fat in our body. Avoid using too many spices while eating greens. You can eat boiled vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, raw papaya.


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