''stay healthy in lockdown''

2020 is an important time in history. Half a year has passed, and the epidemic is still raging. We all evolve how to live with it now with the fear of the unknown. This is a new commonality as we all say today.


On its surface, things may seem to be slowly coming to a normal state, but the reality on Earth is very different. Especially in India, the cases are still constantly rising. With over 1.3 million confirmed cases now and India is now the third largest in the world, it is now more important than ever to take the necessary precautions to ensure both health and wealth in the rose sector.


Not only is the coronavirus an infectious virus, but other diseases such as economic instability and the global financial crisis have also been introduced. This means not only protecting yourself from viruses and other diseases, but also making sure you are financially secure.


Therefore, today is more than ever; Getting Health Insurance for COVID-19 It is important to wash your hands! Coronavirus health insurance can help you manage your health care costs and make sure you do not face any financial emergency during such times.


Today, there are several health insurance policies that cover COVID-19. Although some health insurance policies, such as Digits Health Plus, are customized to cover all diseases, including coronaviruses, some of these corona armor covers are unique in covering only treatments for coronaviruses.


Depending on your health care and financial needs, you can learn more about each of them, evaluate your choice and make better decisions accordingly.


Disclaimer: Digit Insurance offers only one standard health insurance policy (Digit Healthcare Plus Policy) that covers hospital costs due to COVID-19. Coronavirus procedures such as corona protector or corona shield are no longer available.


1 - Get social

Never know what to do? Want to exercise but not much time between online lessons? See more than social media. Instagram is currently waking up with !!!home-work-workouts. There are so many to choose from, from our favorite sports stars to personal trainers. They mainly do short, fast exercises and meet a wide variety of fitness levels, looking at the hashtag: from inductions to hard cardio workouts.


Are there dumbbells? Ok. All feature as an accessory option for beans, low rolls (is it extra?) And other household items. Scroll!


2 - Active homework

Kill and clean 2 birds with 1 stone! After living like that, you will feel much better in a nice, clean environment.


Even better, crank out the tunes and have fun. Not only do you feel good for the walk, you can also see the damaged floor when turning on Netflix in the evening.


3 - The TV works

With some good old fashioned workouts in front of the TV in the 80s and 90s. Exercise-led classes are still in front of the box. Right now, in the UK, Amazon Prime has a lot to choose from. There are so many loads to choose from from good old school management routines to yoga or zumba. When you've there, order a sweatshirt and leg warmer to wear during your workout for an authentic 80s look.


4 - Get APP-tested

In this modern age, it definitely has an application. There are so many to choose from it will keep you motivated and healthy. The application is as simple as fit - it consists of instructor-led classes. These range from the butt to the burning height exercise. If you want to equalize, you can join live classes and see your efforts on the live leaderboard (currently free to sign up).


If you want to spend a little money on equipment, spin classes like the Ecolan (bikes starting at £ 1000) are great. Or you can buy a turbo trainer for an equally good, more budget version, which is  50 to consistently turn your outdoor bike. This app gives you diverse and interesting virtual ways to meet everyone from the comfort of your home.


5 - Viral rack

There is no such thing as fresh air and we should get out if we can. If you are new to running, try to do fast moves and sprints and run for 5 minutes. Build slowly. Add a little variety to your outdoor practice by exploring a new route or Fort‌lake training: running fast and then running slowly between two points (one lampost for the next).


For the more experienced runner, as all races are eliminated, there are plenty of virtual races to continue the motivation. There is nothing like having a goal to keep you. (2 meters safe from others!)


Getting there can be very difficult at first, but there is no such thing as a routine to help. The better you do, the better. Routine is crucial, so make it a part of your day. Whether it’s a 10 minute move in the morning, or running 10k during your lunch break; Be active, be safe and be careful.


A healthy diet and exercise are important to help you build the immunity needed to fight any disease. Between COVID-19 lockdowns, most of us get rid of junk food. This favorite food helps here. Here you have to remember according to

stay healthy in lockdown

6.Your guide to a healthy diet

You can include two servings of your meat, two servings of dairy products, three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruits and six servings of whole grains in your daily diet. Also, do not forget to eat low fat and sweets.

Tips for Healthy You Monitor your portion size and diet in quarantine

When at home, there is a tendency to behave comfortably like chocolate, chips and ice cream, all of which weigh up to those extra kilos. A sedentary lifestyle can alleviate this problem. Therefore, you need to be careful about what you eat. To satisfy your sugar cravings, have a fruit or date. For snacks, use chickpeas or corn, add some herbs, onions and tomatoes and spices and chat quickly. It is healthy and gives you much needed protein.

7.Dig up carbs and choose foods high in protein or fiber

Avoid breakfast on potatoes and salted chips. Include legumes, eggs and meats in your diet. Make sure you get your nutrition from all food groups and do not cut down on any food groups to lose weight. Foods high in protein and fiber are essential because they help keep you satisfied and keep you from overeating.

8.Exercise regularly

Stay active by exercising every day and creating an exercise routine. Combine with stretch, walking and yoga.

9.Take time to relax

In addition to work and daily chores, set aside time for recreation. This will help you relax. Watch a movie or show with your family while alone or captured by video chat with your family and loved ones. This is an important part of connecting with the people you love because it is also crucial for you and their mental health and wellness.

share this valuable information with your friends and family to stay healthy in lockdown.

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