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If you have a habit of drinking bed tea or coffee after getting up in the morning, stop it and when you get out of bed in the morning, add lemon juice to a glass of water. This new change is good for your body. But since the body does not want to get used to everything, change it after about a month. Start green tea after a month. And then drinking black coffee will do. But remember, month after month, you want to change this habit every month.

lemon water

Now is the time for a Healthy Breakfast Diet Plan.
Many people do not have the habit of having breakfast when they wake up in the morning. But remember, breakfast is also an important part of breakfast. Now if you have a question about what to eat for breakfast, make a schedule for the week.

Make your breakfast more tasty and healthy

Monday - Pohe

Tuesday - upma

Wednesday - Brown bread, multigrain bread and peanut butter

Thursday - Oats

Friday - Brown bread and egg omelette or boiled egg

Saturday - Pohe

Sunday - Boiled eggs or scrambled eggs


Breakfast should be plentiful. So some of these options are good. Use less oil in pohe, upma, omelette. Better to use olive oil. Vegetarians will be able to eat everything except eggs.

brown bread-eggs

Tip: Even if employees do not have time to eat different types of breakfast, you can go to the office early in the morning and eat it. But if you have a long journey, it is better to eat out.

Hungry again?
Even after having breakfast at home, when you go to the office, you definitely feel like eating something. In this case, you can eat peanut butter, peanuts or fruit. It will satisfy your hunger. This time, even if you take black coffee to get a little fresh, it can continue.


What about lunch? (Afternoon Diet Plan)
It is said that lunch should be like a king and dinner should be like a beggar. That is very true. Because everyone is at work in the afternoon. In this case, the food is digested more in the afternoon than at night and the body needs it.

If you are carrying ocean music box like Varan, Bhat, Bhaji, Poli, very nice. Because this is the right meal. The body has the required amount of protein. You also eat vegetables on that occasion.

full veg lunch

Tip: When making vegetables, reduce the amount of oil in them. If possible and if you like, cook the vegetables in olive oil or at least coconut oil.

A glass of water before meals
To improve your digestion, drink a glass of water about 10 to 15 minutes before a meal.

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What to eat in the evening (Evening Diet Plan)
After eating at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, at around 4 o'clock, the hunger starts again in the stomach. Then a lot of people eat some foods like Shevpuri, Panipuri, Sandwich. But it wants to close today. With this in mind, you want to eat fruit in the evening when you are hungry. If you want a lot of fruits in it, then eat something like watermelon, banana, papaya. Also, if you are a vegetarian, eat one or two small cubes of steamed cheese.

Dinner Diet Plan Important
It is not possible to observe meal times due to job. This is very true. Dinner should not be after 8.30. Serve with vegetable poli. Avoid rice at this time. If you are going to eat eggs at night. So eat egg white omelette. Also, if you like milk, have a milkshake. Almond and fruit milkshakes are a complementary food at night. It gives you protein. The reason for eating less at night is that at that time all your physical activities are slowed down. Naturally, your digestion is reduced. So eat less at night.


Note: Many people do not like wheat beehives. If they like bread, eat it. Sorghum, millet, nachani, rice bread are good to eat anytime. Also, if you eat fish, eat fish curry regularly. Do not add sugar to fruit or dried fruit milkshakes. The important thing is to use skimmed milk for this.


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After starting the diet (Diet Tips)
1. Now it is time to make a new change. You will feel that your stomach is not full for about a week. Something will feel less and less. Would like to eat arbuturbut but it is quite common. One thing you have to remember is that you want to take care of your body. I want to explain to my mind again and again that it is better to eat than to eat because you are hungry. Diet will affect your body but your skin will become smoother and you will definitely want this change. Because no one likes good smooth skin.

2. Diet is not about starvation. It's just a matter of time and proper diet. This is what we are trying to say. Now if you are thinking about how much to eat, don't eat until your stomach is full. Let there be some space in the stomach. Diet motivates you to eat according to your ability.

3. Changes do not appear immediately after dieting. The change takes a while. So don’t turn it off right away. If you have any problems, you can change them. This means that if you are not tempted to eat at all, then once a week you can eat the food you feel like eating. But don't eat it as if you have been hungry for too many days. E.g. If you feel like eating burgers, pizza, french fries, cold drinks, eat them. But eat in moderation.

junk food

4. Simply dieting will not make your body curvy. So you need to exercise a little. If possible, exercise at home. But let there be body movement. Go for a walk when you have time. Definitely go if you can go to the gym. So you will also get proper guidance on exactly what exercises to do.


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